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We are a company specialized in professional cleaning. With our expert operators and the latest generation machinery, we are able to support the sanitization of small, medium and large companies in extreme safety.

Our services include specialist environmental sanitation with special procedures designed and selected on the basis of specific principles of safety, hygiene and environmental protection. Our mission is to guarantee safety and hygiene in all environments and for all the people who live there. Today, even more, we make our experience available to launch new effective and specific methods and techniques for all professional sectors.

What is Sanitization and how is it classified:

Sanitization: it is an intervention aimed at eliminating any bacteria and contaminating agent at the base that cannot be removed with ordinary cleaning. Sanitization is carried out - using chemical detergent products (detersion) - to bring the microbial load back within acceptable and optimal hygiene standards which depend on the intended use of the environments concerned. However, sanitization must be preceded by cleaning.

Disinfection: consists in the application of disinfectant agents, almost always of a chemical or physical nature (heat), which are able to reduce, through destruction or inactivation, the microbiological load present on objects and surfaces to be treated. Disinfection must be preceded by cleaning to prevent dirt residues from compromising its effectiveness. Disinfection allows you to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. For completeness of information, we insert the definition of remediation that we use in the aeraulic field (reclamation of aeraulic systems - UTA and aeraulic ducts).

Remediation: it is a cleaning and disinfection procedure aimed at depriving an environment, a piece of equipment, a plant, of any trace of material contained or previously treated within the same. The operation guarantees the reduction of cross-contamination

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Registered Office:
Via Ferdinando di Savoia, 2, 20124 Milano (MI)
Administrative Headquaters:
Via Antonio Gramsci, 4, 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
Operating Locations:
- Via Antonio Gramsci, 4, 20097 San Donato Milanese MI)
- Via Trentino, 11, 31038 Paese (TV)
- Via di Saponara, 128, 00125 Roma (RM)
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