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The sanitation of environments and production facilities in the food industries represents the company's major core business. The know-how of CMI, in this field, comes from the years of experience of its technicians, acquired in every sector of the food industry.
The experience and expertise acquired in the leading food industry from Food to Beverage to Bakery such as Egidio Galbani Spa, Davide Campari Spa, Gennaro Auricchio Spa, Stella Bianca Spa, Bindi Spa, Acque San Benedetto Spa, Casteggio Lieviti Spa, Ferrari Formaggi Spa , Salumifici Beretta Group, Cirio Spa, Latteria Soresina Spa, Forno D'Asolo Spa etc. allow us to be able to face the needs and problems with method and competence.
Our standard operating mode provides a detailed construction of the proposed service project, that will allow you to perform an objective assessment of each element of the product / service purchased by the customer, with the ability to vary / update the parameters to each need. Through a web portal such as Archibus or through a personalized check lists, it will then give you the necessary peace of mind that all the cleaning procedures have been carried out as contractually prescribed, enabling them to be verified in real time. Our Office for Quality, that is an internal structure that has the task of applying and monitoring our System for the Management of Quallity, will verify the value of the service rendered.
In confirmation of its professionalism in the sector, Consorzio Multiservizi Integrati also proposes to design and draft sanitization plans for "open" or "closed" environments and food systems such as sanitation planning in 100-1000-10000 class cleanrooms.
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