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CENTRO SERVICE s.r.l. is a company founded in 2002 operating in Italy, that proposes different types of service to meet the needs of its customers with professionalism and competence in step with not the most advanced technological methods of the cleaning sector.
CENTRO SERVICE with its history proves to be a structure with a constant turnover trend over the years. Precise choices contribute to this consolidation; engage the management challenge, such as the opening of new occupational spaces, relative to the workforce, constitutes - over time - a status that will strengthen the management structures of CENTRO SERVICE s.r.l ..
The dynamic thrust that characterizes CENTRO SERVICE s.r.l., is built mainly on the credit that has been given to the new working methodologies. In line - therefore - with the new energies that animate the sector, CENTRO SERVICE’s resources operate a careful management of the services and products used, translating the process methodologies to the common operators, further increasing their specialization. Working with conscience, meticulousness and scruple ensures the service at the highest levels; at the same time it is necessary to act adapting to the different problems in terms of place and time, having the courage of the initiative, on the basis of the vast cognitive baggage of the sector. The company favors the overall analysis that, by identifying all the areas that can be improved, increases those segments that do not respond to the dictates of quality (understood not only as a regulatory reference, but also and above all as a primary objective in the actual performance of a given service). By applying these concepts of reference it is possible to trace extremely coherent lines of action in carrying out the cleaning, disinfection and environmental sanitation works and all the activities that revolve around it.
This particular sector observed with great care, involve the existence of precise actions and guarantees to the complete protection of the client. These prerogatives are the fundamental elements to face the linear performance relationship.

  • Civil and industrial cleaning - Sanitization / Disinfection
  • Porterage
  • Transportation
  • Moving Services

  • Small Repair / Preventive Maintenance Hydraulics (Disruptive Intervention, Leak Repair, Replacement of Taps, etc.)
  • Small Repair / Preventive Electrical Maintenance (Replace Lamps, Switches, Wire Systems, etc.)
  • Small Wall Maintenance (demolition of walls, painting and wall finishing, etc.)
It is therefore evident that Centro Service does not limit the offer to a specific sector but rather seeks to solve the needs of customers in a broad way in order to solve the small daily difficulties from the cleaning service to the supply of Venetian blinds, even trough the help of trusted and qualified suppliers, centering the goal of the Multiservice referred to by the national collective bargaining employment contract of industry.
It is composed of the governing bodies of CENTRO SERVICE srl; It designs and implements the overall strategies and the main lines, endorses the technical strategies, having heard the opinions of the various Offices.

In the care of administrative aspects, it is divided respectively in the following sectors:
  • General accounting: this office, made up of highly qualified personnel, provides for the keeping of general accounting obligations, working with the journal books and electronic masters, in compliance with the regulations, arriving at the preparation of the financial statements and its annexes. It also handles login / logout flows with credit institutions and private insurance institutions. It also creates financial reports and draws up economic statistics.
  • Personnel Management: this highly computerized sector is interested in taking care of the regulatory and economic status of its staff. It is the center of payroll processing, from which all contributory obligations are performed. It awaits the procedures for hiring and termination of personnel and the payment of related obligations.
  • Planning and Resources: it is an office, made up of qualified units, which performs studies and evaluations of a statistical and technical nature, regarding the use of technical and human resources. Formula of strategic planning projects, indicating the variables and analyzing the cost of labor.
  • Trade union office: this particular office is responsible for managing relations with the trade unions, verifying and monitoring the relevance of relationships, and makes use of the professional support of a law firm. Acts in accordance with personnel management, with workers' managers and workers.

This sector is responsible for maintaining economic relationships with customers and suppliers. It holds the archive containing the contracts and all the documents relating to customers and suppliers.

This sector is the pivot around which the construction site mechanism rotates;
The pre-eminent figure of the technical director, who coordinates and analyzes the various typologies of the plexuses, establishes the procedures - after inspection - of carrying out the required services. Within the technical office it operates:

within this office, calls for tenders are evaluated, after careful selection from the usual sources of information. Following the identification of tenders of interest to the company, we proceed to the technical assessment and production of the required administrative documentation, in accordance with what is required from time to time.
Administrative Headquarters Centro Service

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Via di Saponara, 128
00125 Roma (RM)

Tel. 06 57288967
Fax 06 99332437
Email: info@centroservicesrl.it
Phone: 02.49752389
Fax: 02.49752393


Registered Office:
Via Ferdinando di Savoia, 2, 20124 Milano (MI)
Administrative Headquaters:
Via Antonio Gramsci, 4, 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
Operating Locations:
- Via Antonio Gramsci, 4, 20097 San Donato Milanese MI)
- Via Trentino, 11, 31038 Paese (TV)
- Via di Saponara, 128, 00125 Roma (RM)
Consorzio Multiservizi Integrati
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